The Temple of Asclepius

At home among the ruins
the Greek lizard lives
in the ancient walls
of the stumbled palace,
where this god of sleep
used to heal through dreams

In empty fields
around the temple
the wild thyme still sings
its fragrant praise,
and the lambs softly rhyme
and do their work

Only the swallows
in the wall holes
worship here now


Steven B. Katz

About Steven B. Katz

In addition to scholarly books and articles, and a chapbook of poetry “Nana!”, Steven B. Katz has published poems in Pembroke Magazine, South Carolina Review, Southern Poetry Review, College Composition and Communication, Pre/Text, Postmodern Culture, European Judaism (London) Obsidian
III: Black Literature in Review, The Raleigh News and Observer, Free Verse, Continental Drift, Archives of Family (AMA), Voices: Journal of the American Academy of Psychotherapy, Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, Star*Line: Magazine of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, and Jacar Press 
volumes, as well as in Elohi Gadugi. Steve is the R. Roy and Marnie Pearce Professor of Professional Communication, as well as a Fellow of the Rutland Institute for Ethics, at Clemson 
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