Traveling through the Dark

                        For Emily Dickenson and Ann Ulanov

Grass grows tall

bows – each blade’s heart answering
             the sun with a magnificent spring*

            between blades,
                                    small nights

and wind
in a boat
                        the sea
                              of green
                        the waves
            of green

one heart asks

how much
can I

*From Meng Jiao’s Tang Dynasty poem.
**Lightning bestows blessings according to the I Ching.

Melissa Reed

About Melissa Reed

Melissa (Mei An) Reed is an International Baccalaureate Professor of English A Literature and Composition, English B, Theory of Knowledge, Literature in Performance, and Theater Arts. She has been teaching for over seven years in various countries, including Malaysia, Ukraine, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and China. She is also a published scholar who studies with her students literature’s soul-mending powers. Portland is her home, where during holidays she reflects on the life of teaching and soul mending through poetry. Reclaiming Persephone’s Choice reflects on the tender Icarus and Andromeda, inner archetypes often drowned out from recognition in today’s media-driven, global warrior-pirate cultures and how teachers like Persephone accept to journey into the dark depths of the inner underworld to bring out the sparks of light and creative powers within their students.
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