Trolling Diamond Lake

Every summer for a few days, midges
hatch and hover, become food for trout
trapped under ice all winter.

Half the size of a mosquito, they collide against us—
instantly die, leaving smudges, dots, our shirts
abstract paintings.

Aunt Carol reels in her third rainbow.
Uncle Eric and I have none,
but the day is still young.

The tips of our poles nod up and down
to the rhythm of the spinners. The motor stutters,
and we have yet to troll the far shore.

Mark Thalman

About Mark Thalman

Mark Thalman is the author of Catching the Limit, published by 
Fairweather Books (2009). His work has been widely published 
for four decades. Thalman’s poetry has appeared in Carolina 
Quarterly, CutBank, Pedestal Magazine, and Verse Daily,among 
others. He received his MFA from the University of Oregon, and 
he has been teaching English in the public schools for 34 years. 
Thalman is the editor of For more information 
please visit
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