…it has—how do I say
                                                              it    s
despair—four legged—venerable, it
                                          [prys crowbar eyed
                  padded clause—affairs— pre                               natal
                                    nuptial it pro
                                       vides    for its sticky ribs—slick and amenable
                                          to      the wealthy stroke of its furless rump
                                            I      am startled by
                                                it  slinks through nailgunned
        plybored   trades paid we lin   ger
                        it lingers pant     in   g
                        it s eye in the pa in it fingers us lay down when the calories
              run out mach               in e

                        it                           in it sees only it                         sits
we move over give space       imin it domain s  prawl prebirth caste com       mands
                  sssssit play dead sssssh it only whr    tolt al collapse noosepap       yr rollt

swings—our silent stair from the cement the sunlight tolls the blows in our noses roses for Maria Maria will you reconcile us with the owners of aparato! O Ametralladora! I sing to thee! Speak! Speak! Speak!
                O Speak! Treats for the armless—how do I say it!
                                                                                                      stop giving blood to the unblooded step away from their sink rise this neighborhood with new paint and something more than occupation my people lift up your eyes as the anemic falls away to sunray and luna and wolven surprise. We are more than retaliation and infighting. We are more than these abandoned stone visages among us the proudest species of star and our children behind us will submit to the lash no more no more.

Michael Cooper

About Michael Cooper

Michael Cooper is an inland empire poet, PoetrIE member, CSUSB MFA Graduate, and father to two great sons: Markus & Jonathan. His book, coauthored with good friend Cindy Rinne, entitled Speaking Through Sediment, is now available from ELJ Publications. For more poems and ideas please visit his blog at https://poetcooper11.wordpress.com/

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