All of our stuff is tangled together
like our eyes when we met

legs and arms and fingers lonely and loosened
only paintings and books and kitchen herbs

photos and words that can’t be undone
stuck in the lubricious agony of love.

There will never be an undoing of this in me
there will never be an easiness with this.

There will never be a door or window
cracked a bit in me again.

The feather you found
the leaf I caught in the morning light.

Words and words and
midnight whispers.

Early Sunday morning
gamble of confessions.

Trying to be me
was too hard to take on.

I cannot bear myself day after day
you cannot bear my excavating the true you.


J.V. Foerster

About J.V. Foerster

JJ.V. Foerster was born in Port Washington, Wisconsin. She has been published for over 20 years in various literary magazines and journals. Those magazines include: Eclectica, Agnieszka’s Dowry, Red River Review, Midnight Mind, Premiere Generation Ink, Fickle Muse, Oak Bend Review and Women Writers Online, Fox Chase Review, Elohi Gaduji to name just a few. She was also privileged to be nominated in 2011 for a Pushcart for her work in Fox Chase Review. She is a photographer and painter and has had work published in online magazines as well has taken part in gallery shows. J.V. lives in Brightwood, Oregon in a rain forest on the Sandy River with Mr. Buttons the Aussiedoodle.
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