When the Owl Powers Over

A January moon flutes
through jack pine, pools
on new snow: Black River holds

its breath – the center of your years
ice over, a thin accumulation.
No tracks on this hammered freeze.

Her wingspan knifes the pitch.
Tonight’s plow-line
is memory’s blunt moraine –

That summer he took
a black garbage bag, a shovel,
and lemonade sweating up the jar

back into State Land, and had you
steal seedlings, rootballs and all –
a dozen trembling wings slung

over his back – silence snagged
like a quiver of bones
unable to flee the coming groan

of sand drifting over those sweet
stunted blueberries, swallowing
his black wake.


Kristin Berger

About Kristin Berger

Kristin Berger lives in Portland, Oregon, and is the author of a poetry chapbook For the Willing (Finishing Line Press, 2008), co-editor of VoiceCatcher 6 (2011), and curates her blog, Slipstream. Her essays and poems have appeared in Calyx, The Blue Hour, Mothering, New Letters, Passages North, and The Pedestal Magazine, among other publications. Kristin was awarded OSU/ Spring Creek Project’s Andrews Forest Writers Residency for November 2012.
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