Winter Root

Rain settles like a wet glove,
the air silver with fog,
ground beginning to soften
after the long summer drought.
I finally sleep, my body waking
with the gravity of stone,
peace like an old friend
come to visit with unspoken kindness.
As leaves let go I begin the drop
to winter root; no hurry to the pace
governed by rain and cool air,
falling from high branches
toward earth’s russet blanket
and the dark ground of being.



Don Hynes

About Don Hynes

Don Hynes, husband, father, and grandfather, 1969 University of Notre Dame honors graduate, lives and writes in his adopted hometown of Portland Oregon. Author of three volumes of poetry, “Slender Arrow” (1998), “Out from Under” (2001), and “The Living Dark” (2007) as well as the weekly on line Poet’s Journal. While poetry has been his lifelong avocation, Don is also a tradesman, builder, and large projects construction manager and Owner’s Representative (
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