Winter Walk

They hurtled off the gravel road
adventuring into the winter trees
it was they who were the inhospitable
they who were the unrelenting
the frozen cedars had been meant to be
gregarious the jabbering leaves
and endlessly clacking twigs
like old friends on new years eve

Here where it is always celebration
they lumbered into birch and pine
as insentient as the glass etchings
lining the quieted stream edge
They bandied words like bleak crows
and sent up hot chocolate prayers
disinviting the curious breeze
she was only there to please him
an unbeliever at morning worship

In past time when we were all betrothed
to the grandmothers of these trees
there was much less world between us
Now they stumbled into the clearing
surrounded by welcoming limbs
the snow swirled around them
like tiny silent dancing angels
her mouth was too cold to kiss
and she said lets go back home

They found their way out of that wonder
back to their american underground
and the contrivance of endless war
back to the coldest wilderness of all



Doug Thiele

About Doug Thiele

Doug Thiele writes poetry, short stories and lyrics. He teaches Composition and Creative Writing in Norfolk, Virginia where he lives with his wife and grandsons. He is deeply respectful of his Tribal heritage.
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