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Portland, I’m bored…

Port­land, I’m bored with your ter­mi­nal hip­ster­ism, with your ageist youth cul­ture striv­ing for medi­oc­rity, with your mid­dle class intel­lec­tu­al­ism, which is about as deep as the rain pud­dle out­side my door, with your racist cops and your timid activists who think car­ry­ing signs along the side­walk while politely stop­ping for traf­fic is going to […]

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Covert Purple

You drop that lit­tle piece of some­thing out the win­dow of the car, covertly, as if to hide it from the dri­ver or any­one who might be watch­ing. As if I were an under­cover bicy­cle cop and the fine for lit­ter­ing might sud­denly be enforced and the price too much to pay, but the risk […]

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Line Break – a new poetry series for radio

Elohi Gadugi Jour­nal is pro­duc­ing a series of short radio pieces for Wild Planet Radio, KPQR, which will begin broad­cast­ing in Sep­tem­ber. We are seek­ing poets, and musi­cians to accom­pany them, for a series of 3 minute seg­ments. Your poem … Con­tinue read­ing

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A Radical Mother Breaks the Silence on Financial Violence, Trauma and Being a Rugged Individual

Finan­cially induced trauma has con­sumed my life. It’s taken me a long time to rec­og­nize it, even though I have not been alone in this expe­ri­ence. Since the 2008 eco­nomic col­lapse finan­cially induced trauma has fueled untold per­sonal vio­lence against good peo­ple who have lost jobs, invest­ments, secu­rity, retire­ment, homes and lives. As an artist, […] Con­tinue read­ing

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