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  1. Don Foran says:

    Please remove the period at the end of the second stanza of “Silence.” Thank you and congratulations for another beautiful issue. Don Foran

  2. Peleg Held says:

    I have been entranced by the breadth of the 16 pages of Celan’s Meridian since John Felstiner’s biography of the poet introduced me to them. I finally had a chance to read Ger Killeen’s fine essay on the Meridian speech In the latest issue of Elohi Gadugi. Just a dropping by to say thanks for publishing such a thought breeding essay.
    Peleg Held

  3. What is your next theme and deadline?
    First Deadline: September 15th, 2013 (extended to September 22nd)
    Mid-Season Update Deadline: October 31st, 2013

    The homeless issue was interesting. My homeless poems were published online in various journals and with an art gallery exhibit in downtown Eugene where we have too many homeless, camps, and now Conestoga huts at villages, churches, etc.

  4. Joan Lewis says:

    Cast Iron Seasoning, quite a nice read. The title invoked memories of my grandmother and mother using a cast iron skillet to cook or straightening out my grandfather or father. Now I equate it with the women they are and I have become. Strong, tempered and able to withstand life’s challenges.

  5. Pichay says:

    the homeless issue…humanly, i feel sorrowful homelessness…no intimately caring partner while most friends have, and family as well, and home and means. it is daily task to stay in spiritual expression of the abundance that represents.

  6. Withheld says:

    Note: para. 2 not ms. Taylor’s comment

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